The Glasgow School Board of Trustees continues to address the budget shortfall to the general fund, the main source of funding for the District. On April 23rd the Board met in a work session and made the decision to move forward with the elimination of a principal position, after the Irle School Principal requested to be transferred to a teaching position. One principal position will be absorbed by attrition, saving the district nearly $84,000. This is in addition to $160,000 in cuts previously made, also through attrition, including three teachers and one paraprofessional aide. These cuts, along with the Safety & Security Building Reserve Levy request of $197,500 currently being put to a public vote, will allow the District to successfully meet the needs of students during these trying times. As previously communicated, the Safety & Security levy is asking for the additional $197,500, but with decreases in other permissive levies, the net increase will only be $58,152. The process of public-school funding is a hard topic for many people to understand. Schools have different buckets of monies including permissive (non-voted) funds for transportation, bus depreciation, retirement, tuition, & adult education that can only be used for specific expenses as their name indicates. Another component of school funding includes levies that are voted on by the public including the technology fund and the debt service fund (bonds). Then there are the general fund and the building reserve funds that have a combination of voted and permissive levies. The building reserve fund is generally for the improvements to buildings, but recently the security levy has been added and can be used as a tool to not only cover expenses for safety, but also give relief to the general fund. The general fund includes expenses for all the other costs it takes to run a school including staff salaries & health insurance, textbooks, utilities, etc. The general fund is the main funding for the district and includes the “general” day to day operations of the District. The general fund is also funded by State monies and is based on a formula using enrollment numbers, and when enrollment drops, funding can be greatly affected. This is what the District is now faced with and the need to make budget cuts. The public’s support of schools is very important to the trustees, staff members, and students. Thank you for your continued support.
about 2 months ago, School Admin Office
Due to a thunderstorm and wind gusts up to 60mph, expect delays in bus drop off this evening.
about 2 months ago, Wade O. Sundby
Due to a significant loss in enrollment, the Glasgow School District is experiencing a General Fund (GF) budget shortfall of $358,000. Also contributing to the budget shortfall are the inflationary increases to operating costs for the district. Legislative increases to school funding have fallen far short of the actual rate of inflation the past several years. This year, there is no option to run a GF levy due to the loss in enrollment and how the State funding formula works, and actually, the GF levies will be significantly reduced for tax payers. In order to balance the deficit of $358,000, the District would need to make staff reductions of at least $160,000, as well as pass the safety & security levy in the amount of $197,500. There are options to relieve the General Fund budget, many of which the District is already doing, and a new focus state-wide is on the Safety & Security Levy. This option was passed by the legislature in 2019. A School Safety & Security levy would provide a dedicated revenue stream for the ongoing costs of school safety, including salaries for counselors and associated safety costs in the amount of $197,500. If approved, these costs would be removed from the under-funded GF to reduce the pressure of the District’s main funding source. The new Building Reserve Safety Levy, if approved, would be a permanent levy of 12.18 mills. Passage of this proposal will increase the annual taxes on a home with an assessed market value of $100,000 by approximately $16.44, and on a home with an assessed market value of $300,000 by approximately $49.32, and on a home with an assessed market value of $600,000 by approximately $98.64. With the reduction of the GF levies, the net increase to taxes payers would be minimal. The net impact to taxpayers, as shown below in the required annual levy impact notice, would be: a home with an assessed market value of $100,000 approximately $4.85, and a home with an assessed market value of $300,000 approximately $14.55, and a home with an assessed market value of $600,000 approximately $29.10. The annual school election is on May 7th, with mail ballots going out on April 19th. The Building Reserve Safety Levy will be presented to voters on that ballot. Ballots must be returned to the Valley County Election Administrator by 8 p.m. on election day. For question about the election or the safety levy, call Kelly Doornek at 406-228-2406.
2 months ago, School Admin Office
2024-25 Levies
School Safety
The Glasgow School District is asking parents to please take a minute to provide us with valuable feedback. This information will be used to help us through the upcoming accreditation process! Responses are due by the end of April. Thank you. The following are the links to your Parent Surveys… Irle School: GMS: GHS:
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**Annual Valley County "Child Find" Screening** The Valley County Comprehensive Child Find Screening will be held on April 4th and April 5th at the First Lutheran Church in Glasgow from 9:00 to 11:00 AM and 1:00 to 3:00 PM. This screening is for ALL children from birth to school entry age. The purpose of this screening is to find children who may need special help AND to help facilitate Irle School kindergarten registration. The screening assessments include the following areas: --Hearing for children of all age --Speech for children three years old and older. --Gross/Fine Motor Development --Concept Development To make an appointment for the Child Find Screening please follow the direct link here: *ALL children who will be entering Kindergarten in the Glasgow School District this fall are required to attend child find screening/registration. Kindergarten Registration can be found on our school website starting April 4th, 2024.
3 months ago, Glasgow Scotties
Child Find
A shout-out to the Glasgow High School Teachers. There are 106 high school students (almost 50% of our student body) enrolled in Dual Credit classes because of our teachers' dedication. Thank you for continuing your education and working with Dawson Community College to enable the concurrent dual credits to be a reality.
5 months ago, Wade O. Sundby
Shout out to Staff!
Parents of GMS and GHS Student Athletes....Did you Monday night's All-Sports Parent Meeting? Watch the full video in the link below to satisfy requirements for the 2023-24 school year. Remember if you missed a Fall sport specific meeting with the Head Coach you will need to contact that coach before the 1st day of scheduled practice!
10 months ago, Glasgow Scotties
**Parents of ALL incoming Student-Athletes in Grades 6 thru 12** We will be using DragonFly again this school year. ALL paperwork will be handled through the online portal. We will NOT accept any hard copies at the schools, this includes athletic physicals. You can fill out athletic physical paperwork in the portal, print, and bring it to your child's apppointment. You will need to submit the completed athletic physical into your child's DragonFly account after the apointment. If you are a returning user on this platform; just sign-in and begin submitting ALL required paperwork for the 2023-24 school year. MAKE SURE TO SELECT CURRENT 2023-24 School Year: If you are a NEW parent please follow these specific instructions to create a DragonFly Account:
12 months ago, Glasgow Scotties
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January 17, 2023 Glasgow Schools provides an opportunity for community members to share their talents and expertise through the Adult Education Program. Any individuals willing to instruct an evening class are invited to contact Wade Sundby - Superintendent, ( to get started. Interested community members are encouraged to participate by contacting the instructor or calling the school to register. Quarterly fees are $20 per person; however, senior citizens are not charged the participation fee. Additional material costs may be required for project-based classes. The Adult Education Program offers one session. The winter quarter begins mid-February. Please contact Glasgow School District and ask for Wade Sundby if you would like more information or to register for a class at 406-228-2406 or Compensation to teach a course will be $20.00 an hour. Sincerely, Wade O. Sundby Superintendent
over 1 year ago, Wade O. Sundby
Reminders: The Irle School doors do NOT open until 7:35 AM for breakfast students. Also, please be mindful of the change in temperature. We will be going outside during winter weather; please make sure your child is properly equipped for the school day.
over 1 year ago, Wade O. Sundby