Mission/Vision Statement

Mission Statement/Core Purpose:

The mission of the Glasgow School District is to develop the full potential of each student in the district.

Core Values:

Community – We value our strong sense of community and family. We are a very giving, supportive and caring community.

Strong Work Ethic – We value hard work. We believe that having a strong work ethic benefits our community, our parents, our staff and our students.

Positivity – We are an enthusiastic and optimistic community and school system. We believe it is important to instill this value in our students in order for our students to be successful.

Integrity – We believe that being honest, having trust in others, showing respect towards others, and being responsible is vital to the success of our students.

Collaboration – We value the collaboration and cooperation of the people that live in our community. We rely upon each other and are there to help one another when needed.

Vision - We are a progressive, forward-thinking community committed to on-going strategic planning.

Vision Statement:

The vision of the Glasgow School District is to build skills for lifelong learning, and to develop positive growth and confidence for each student in an ever-changing global environment.

Short Term District Goals:

Goal Area 1: Highly Qualified, Innovative Staff -- Statement of Intended Outcome: The District has developed a program for improving our recruitment and retention of highly qualified and innovative staff. Our staff members are provided the supports and opportunities for professional growth that benefit each student.

Goal Area 2: Effective Community Engagement -- Statement of Intended Outcome: We have trust and transparency between our District and our community. Our community understands the needs of the District and supports our initiatives. Likewise, our District supports the needs of our community.

Goal Area 3: Enhanced Programs/Opportunities for Students -- Statement of Intended Outcome: We have provided enhanced learning and other opportunities for each student. We have done this by continually: (1) incorporating innovative opportunities in all educational platforms, and (2) evaluating and adjusting academic, extra-curricular programs, and other opportunities that support the needs, skills and desires of each student.

Goal Area 4: Facilities -- Statement of Intended Outcome: We have a comprehensive, strategic program in place that continually examine all aspects of our school buildings from aging, outdated facilities to technology needs with a plan for ensuring our facilities meet the ongoing needs of our students, staff, parents and our community.