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GMS Daily Procedures Related to Covid-19


Glasgow Middle School Safety Procedures Related to Covid-19


The below procedures  have been put in place to help ensure safety for students and staff. Social distancing will be the goal with masks also being required. These are subject to change, but will be consistently practiced and reinforced as we work to establish some sort of new normalcy to the educational experience. Students and staff will be expected to follow through with consequences for those that choose not to follow the building and district plan. Below is what a typical day will look like.


  1. Masks-The school board passed a policy stating that students will need to wear a mask in school.  They will need to walk into the building with their mask on. 

  2. Sanitation- A custodian will be on staff throughout the day wiping down common surfaces that are touched. Hand sanitizer stations will be at every entrance as well as every restroom and classroom. Students will need to either hand sanitizer or wash upon entering the building in the morning, prior to lunch, and reentering the building after recess. 

  3. Before school- We encourage students to come to school after the 8:00 am bell. This will help the social distancing within the hallways.  Students that ride the bus and/or are choosing to eat breakfast will enter the building at 7:45 am. The doors will not be open prior to 7:45 am. Upon entering the building, students will be asked to  follow the above protocol and practice social distancing within the school. 

  4. Hallways- Students will need to be masked during any transition. Hallways at the MS are congested and we will be working on some sort of staggered release plan to lessen the crowding. 

  5. Classrooms- The students will be social distanced as best as possible.  Sanitizer will be in each classroom and before students leave they will sanitize the desk they sat in during the period.  These classrooms will be sanitized again at night by the custodians. 

  6. Lunchtime/Recess- There will be hand sanitizer stations and sinks before the lunch room.  Grade 6 will eat in the multi purpose room. Grade 7 will eat in the gym this year. Grade 8 will be at recess during this time. As Grade 6 and 7 finished their lunch a staggered release outside will occur and Grade 8 will eat in the multi purpose room. Seats will be socially distanced in both the gym and multi purpose room. If a student leaves for lunch they will re enter the building as they did in the morning with a mask on and hand sanitizer.  No outside food will be allowed to be brought into the school to eat during lunchtime unless they bring a cold lunch with them to school at the start of the day. The outside area used for recess will be divided in half for Grades 6 and 7 as they share a recess. This will rotate each week. All equipment and school issued playground footballs, basketballs, and kick balls will be sanitized between recesses. 

  7. Chromebooks- Chromebooks will be checked out to all students that are attending school and to those remote learners that do not have a Chromebook.  These will be checked out the first week of school.  Students are responsible to charge these and have them at school.  

Reminder: if damages occur to the Chromebook the following fines will occur. Screen -- $70.00, Charger -- $30.00, Minor Damage - $50.00, Major Damage - $100.00, Total Replacement - $260.00

  1. Remote learners- Remote learners will be required to attend class remotely during the scheduled class time.  Teachers will take attendance of your child.  The students will need to keep their cameras on during the entire class.  If they leave the class they will be marked absent.  If your child won’t be attending class you will need to call in their absence to the secretary just like you would in a normal school setting. Parents can pick up materials needed for remote learning Tuesday, August 26th between 2 PM and 4 PM. Parents will need to fill out appropriate paperwork at this time. 

  2. Remote or in person school- You will have the first two weeks of school to determine if you want to change from remote to in person and vise versa. 

  3. Class times- Monday-Thursday Red/White  Home Base- 8:10-8:30, 1st- 8:33-10:03, 2nd-10:08-11:38, Lunch- 11:38-12:20, 3rd-12:24-1:54, 4th-1:59-3:29.  

Fridays starting on 9/11 is an eight period schedule with the following times :R1-8:10-8:44, R2-8:47-9:21, R3-9:24-9:58, R4-10:01-10:35, W1-10:38-11:12, W2-11:15-11:49, Lunch-11:49-12:31, 12:34-1:08, 1:11-1:45. 

  1. Fridays- All students will attend the first two Fridays of the school year (8/28 and 9/4).  After this, only the students that have a D or F in classes will need to attend class online during the time they would have that class(see above schedule). Students will only attend the classes that they have a D/F in on Fridays.  Attendance will be taken for those required to be online.  Teachers will use this time to work with students. The goal is the student makes gains and brings his/her grades to proficiency. The teachers will communicate with home and the office if a student needs to attend an online Friday class.  This applies to remote learners as well. Parents will receive a phone call from the office to inform them when their child needs to attend school on Thursday of that week. 



Mr. Zoanni

Principal Glasgow Middle School 

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